Special Issue

Genome Instability and Human Diseases


Saikat Nandi, M.S., D.Phil. (Oxford)
Senior Research Associate
NCI-NYSTAR Cancer Discovery Fellow
Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, New York 11724, USA


Genome instability is associated with a wide spectrum of disorders ranging from developmental and neurological defects to cancer and premature aging. Maintaining the integrity of DNA structure and information content is of paramount importance for cellular homeostasis, organismal development and cancer suppression. The series of discoveries underlying molecular mechanisms by which genes erode and the key systems involved in preserving genetic stability have ushered a new era in the vibrant field of chromosome duplication and maintenance.

In this special issue, “Genome Instability and Human Diseases”, the Journal of Biomedicine will present a set of reviews, research articles, commentaries and short communications focusing on new insights into our understanding of genome instability arising from a myriad of cellular and metabolic processes, such as genome replication, DNA damage from spontaneous and environmental insults, epigenetic modification, telomere erosion etc. Understanding the mechanisms driving genome instability is crucial for developing next generation approaches to address important questions concerning the genetic underpinning of many human diseases.


Genome instability, Cancer, Aging, Neurological disorders, Chromosome duplication, DNA damage and repair, Telomere, Epigenetics.

Tentative deadline for submission: Oct. 2016
Publication: Nov-Dec. 2016

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